Portorož in Piran

Portorož & Piran are the centre of an incredible part of the Mediterranean on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula. Portorož, a city with a holiday atmosphere, lies in a leeward bay and has a very pleasant climate due to its proximity to the sea. The neighbouring, ancient city of Piran is one of the most beautiful Mediterranean cities and one of the best preserved historic cities in Europe. The whole area is a string of natural attractions and cultural sights, all lined up along only a few kilometres.

This small piece of Istria awaits you with countless experiences. Historic houses, squares and the narrow streets of Piran owe their charm mostly to the salt that was harvested in the once numerous salt pans near the town. The salt played an important role and was the main source of wealth throughout the rich history of Piran. A small part of the Strunjan salt pans are preserved to this day and the salt pans at Sečovlje Salina are one of the few in the world where salt is still harvested in the traditional manner, which lends it a special quality.

Portorož & Piran are situated between two nature parks. Treasures of the local natural and cultural heritage are guarded by the Sečovlje Salina Nature Park and Strunjan Nature Park. Up on the high hills of the hinterland, there are several picturesque villages that are known for their premium olive oil and excellent vegetables and fruit. It is no wonder that even the most demanding gourmets enjoy the local cuisine.