Fishing festival Mala barka – 19. august 2017

Fishing festival Mala barka – 19. august 2017

  As part of the event, visitors could see, how to make a fishing net and nodes, and how to maintain the ship. Also, there were possibility possibility of tasting of the local couisine from  the little culinary bar Mala barka and have enjoyed in the traditional music of our region.  A lecture on maritime […]

Meeting and regatta of traditional sailboats

Enthusiasts and friends of the sea, sailboats and seamanship in the Kvarner Bay, in Mošćenič-ka Draga – once a small fihing harbor, today an attractive tourist destination, will enjoy in the unique display which aims to preserve and restore the maritime, fihing and shipbuilding tradition.

The Fishermen’s fest

Fisherman’s Festival is a traditional event in Izola, spanning more than 40 years. It is a festival of fih and fihermen, a real Mediterranean festival boasting rich food, especially fih, as well as performances of famous musicians, fun ames, sporting and cultural events.