Portorož in Piran

Portorož has been known as a health resort since the 13th century, when monks from the Monastery of St. Lawrence treated people with seawater and brine. Beneficial effects in diseases like rheumatism, dropsy, scrofulous, obesity and wounds were recognised in near and far surroundings.

In our spa and wellness centres, you can renew your energy throughout the year, even during the coldest winter months. The beach is well-maintained and you can go swimming in the beautiful, warm Mediterranean Sea where the temperatures, warmed by the summer sun can get up to 31 °C.

Between Portorož and Piran, there are two architectural jewels. These are the historic salt warehouses of Magazen, Grando and Monfort, listed as both cultural and historical heritage. Only a few years ago, ships carrying salt were docked at the nearby pier. They were built in the time of Napoleon between 1820 and 1845.

Nowadays, Monfort no longer stores salt but is an exhibition gallery and is part of the coastal regional galleries for modern art. Here in the salt magazine, there is also an exhibit that shows the development of water sports throughout time in Slovenian Istria and you can also take a peek at the world of traditional shipbuilding.

On the hilltop, where the hotel resort Bernardin is situated, you can visit the ruins of a church from the 15th century.