Izola - die Erlebnisinsel

Izola is an old Mediterranean town with authentic fihing tradition, winemaking, olive harvesting and mythical traces of the past. Besides the summer delights by the sea and sun, it offers its visitors numerous recreational possibilities thus enabling you to experience active holidays. All of this is complemented by top enogastronomic offerings in the
old part of town and the outskirts of Izola. There you can enjoy a glass of local wine and other gastronomic specialties while enjoying the beautiful views of the Gulf of Triest and the Julian and Kamnik Alps.

Getting to Izola

The old Mediterranean town of Izola is leaning on the southeast coast of the Gulf of Trieste, where the authentic tradition of fihing and winemaking, mythical traces of the past and the kindness of the locals combine into an unforgettable experience